Audio Visual

Home Entertainment

M.J.Newton offers a fully customised design & installation service from a simple surround sound home cinema system to a multi-room sound server and video distribution system with hidden speakers and plasma or LCD screens in every room.

We can also install the cabling to support an integrated entertainment system providing music video, DVD and television services throughout your home, eliminating messy, trailing wires.

Home Cinema

We can provide and install anything from a modest surround sound system with Plasma or LCD TV and Dolby surround sound to a state-of-the-art cinema room using a hidden projector and motorised screen and the latest hi-tech components.

TV and Video for all!

Our video distribution system makes the complicated job of providing TV and video to all screens in the house really simple. Our team of fully qualified engineers can install even the most complex system quickly and efficiently with minimum disruption.

State-of-the-art HiFi

Sound systems are not what they used to be. Innovative new products such as the ipod have completely changed the way we think about our music. Our fully integrated sound server systems provide instant access to your complete music collection providing completely independent music playlists or access to digital radio in separate rooms simultaneously! High quality flush mounted ceiling or wall speakers provide the very best in unobtrusive sound and not a cable in sight!


As the finishing touch we can provide fully automated lighting systems with touch sensitive and remote control to create the perfect atmosphere for any activity!

Remote Control

Adding new technology is fantastic but can be very frustrating if you cannot control it just as you would like. We offer a variety of Universal Remote Controls from simple all in one controllers for a standard domestic range of equipment to fully computer programmable controllers. You no longer have to have a pile of different remotes and you don’t need to worry about knowing how everything works. Just press a single button and sit back and let it all happen. At the press of just one button you can switch on all the relevant equipment close curtains and dim lighting and adjust volume to preset levels. We even offer a universal remote programming service if your having problems with your existing equipment set up.

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